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General, Restorative, and Cosmetic Dentistry in Great Falls, MT

Welcome to our dental practice in Great Falls, MT. Dr. Poulson and his team of dental care professionals provide complete dental care, including preventive maintenance for a lifetime of oral health. Our dental team offers expert knowledge and expertise in all matters related to dental implant placement, Invisalign®, cosmetic veneers, crowns, and more. Dr. Poulson participates in constant training and continuing education to stay current on the latest dentistry techniques and materials. Our friendly team is here to give you the most comfortable, positive experience possible.

We help our patients make educated decisions for their oral health. Our practice uses cutting-edge materials to achieve optimal restorative, cosmetic, implant, and endodontic dentistry results. We will coordinate with your other physicians when comprehensive treatment is needed to give you the best overall care possible. Dr. Poulson and our team provide a compassionate, complete dental experience to promote trust, comfort, and confidence, leading to a lifelong relationship with our patients. Our team provides every patient with quality service, kindness, and answers to any questions regarding operative and post-operative care.

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Dr. Poulson offers a number of dental treatments that can keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful.
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Specializing in Restoring Gorgeous, Comfortable Smiles

We specialize in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to ensure your smile is functional, beautiful, and natural-looking at every stage of life.

State-of-the-Art Dental Implants

Dental implants are quickly becoming the standard treatment for missing teeth. They look and function like natural teeth and allow you to eat the foods you like. Our dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a worthy and affordable option.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or need a complete replacement of all your teeth, we offer the latest dental implant design and placement advancements for beautiful, healthy results that look and feel like your natural teeth. Many of our patients leave our office on the day of implant placement with a complete set of teeth after years of self-consciousness.

Smile Makeovers

Dr. Poulson combines cutting-edge technology, years of experience, and an eye for detail to create customized smile makeovers that deliver beautiful results. Using various cosmetic dental techniques, he carefully designs a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals to bring your face and smile into harmony and improve your self-confidence. These cosmetic techniques may include one or more of the following:

Innovation for Exceptional Care

Your safety and comfort are our priorities. We use an industrial air purifier that removes allergens, viruses, gases, mold, and odors to maximize your wellness in our office. We also strictly adhere to all CDC regulations, ensuring thorough sterilization of our instruments.

To improve diagnostics and minimize the need for invasive procedures, we use the latest in Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanners, 3D printers, and intraoral scanners. These technologies provide outstanding clarity and accuracy with less discomfort for our patients.

Dr. Poulson takes great pride in his ability to restore and enhance his patients’ smiles while protecting their oral health. If you would like a consultation for a smile makeover, dental implants, or routine dental care, please get in touch with our office at Justin Poulson DDS PLLC Office Phone Number (406) 761-3800. We look forward to welcoming you!